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Updated: Apr 16

When builders and homeowners need a high-end custom wood floor done the right way, there's a reason they call Mansion Hill Custom Floors.

“We continually strive to be the best and do it right every time,” co-founder Bill Walz said. “And I don’t know if everybody thinks that way.”

And he’s right. There’s something different about the mentality at Mansion Hill Custom Floors, and that difference has earned them a reputation of excellence across the Cincinnati and Nashville regions. But what exactly defines the mentality that makes Mansion Hill Custom Floors stand out from the crowd?


Mansion Hill Custom Floors only creates high-quality custom wood floor projects. The entire team takes pride in doing their best work on every single job. They know wood like no one else does, and they know what to do with it.

“From day one, our goal has always been to provide quality, unique wood flooring and wood treatments you can’t find anywhere else,” Walz said. “Anybody can do the cheap stuff. We want to do quality work with quality products.”

With each new project, the Mansion Hill Custom Floors team strives to be the best. And by using high-quality wood and top-tier installation techniques, the team has earned a reputation as the trusted source for high-quality custom wood flooring.


In the 1980s, when the founders of Mansion Hill Custom Floors were learning the custom wood floor industry from their mentor, the expectation was a job well done. Or the job wasn’t done.

“We only did hardwood floor projects,” Walz said. “And you did it right, or you didn’t do it.”

And that dedication to integrity has only amplified at Mansion Hill Custom Floors. Team members never take shortcuts, even if that means a project might take a little longer. Making the job perfect is the priority, not finding the easy route.


It takes a serious craftsman to specialize in custom hardwood flooring. Each project is customized to the builder, the homeowner, the architect, the building, and the purpose. And that takes a perfect blend of industry expertise and extreme creativity.

“We’re experts in this specialized field. Wood is all we do. We know a lot about it. We care a lot about it. And, because of that, we’re able to do the best job,” Walz said. “If you can imagine it, we can create it.”

Each project is completely customized, from wood species to board widths, from wood stains to layout patterns. This dedication to the craft has produced incredible designs and immaculate floors in everything from high-rise condos to elegant ballrooms, from high-end custom homes to theaters and restaurants.

“We love being involved in custom jobs,” Walz said. “We love being able to say that we can do it, and then figuring out how to make it happen.”


When Mansion Hill Custom Floors began in 2011, they gathered around card tables and folding chairs, setting each customer’s vision as their first priority. And, as those visions turned into quality creations, the community of builders, architects, and homeowners spread the word: Mansion Hill Custom Floors does good work.

“Our customers are why we’re here today and continuing to thrive,” Walz said. “Homeowners come back to us for home renovations and when they move into new houses. They share our contact information with their friends. We’re grateful to homeowners as well as the builders, architects and designers who rely on us for both their residential and commercial projects.”

And the team at Mansion Hill Custom Floors continues to be a customer-first business. They have woven themselves into a network of like-minded professionals who take pride in their work, who care about quality, and who prioritize integrity above all else. And, as they bring in more experienced members to their team, Mansion Hill Custom Floors continues to foster a community that focuses on excellence.

When it comes to creating a custom hardwood floor, Mansion Hill Custom Floors understands the entire process, from wood selection to quality installation. Their core values of quality, integrity, and craftsmanship are embedded throughout this process. And that makes a difference that can last a lifetime.

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