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Whether it’s a renovated theater, an elegant ballroom, or a luxurious home, the team of experts at Mansion Hill Custom Floors has made it their passion to create flooring solutions that turn their clients’ design ideas into reality while reflecting the highest standards of quality, service, and integrity.

Since 2011, Mansion Hill Custom Floors has created high-end wood floors, tailored to fit each customer’s vision. By prioritizing a quality finished product, Mansion Hill Custom Floors has become a trusted source for creative hardwood flooring across the Cincinnati and Nashville regions. Their team of experts uses their wealth of experience to complete each project the right way.  Every time.



And it has been that way since the beginning.
In the early 1980s, Bill Walz and Jeff Rose, co-founders of Mansion Hills Custom Floors, met while working for a prominent custom wood floor company. For nearly three decades, they learned everything about the specialized trade, from installation and wood selection to project management and design creation. And, more importantly, they learned how to infuse integrity into craftsmanship.
“We only did hardwood,” Bill said. “And you did it right, or you didn't do it.”


Eventually, the owner sold the business to a carpet company who wanted to also offer hardwood flooring as another service. As the months moved on, they realized that this company could not offer the same level of specialization and excellence that Bill and Jeff had become accustomed to. So in 2011, Bill and Jeff decided to take the courageous step of branching out on their own. Now, they could create custom hardwood flooring done the right way. 

Founding Mansion Hill Custom Floors brought the two wood floor experts back to their old showrooms and offices in Newport, Kentucky in the historic neighborhood of Mansion Hill.  Sitting around some humble card tables and folding chairs, they outlined their new company’s core values of quality, integrity, and craftsmanship. And, almost immediately, their reputations drew loyal customers, from contractors to designers to homeowners.

“From day one, our goal has always been to provide quality, unique wood flooring and wall treatments you can’t find anywhere else,” Bill said.



As more and more customers called on the wood floor experts, the Mansion Hill Custom Floors team needed to expand. So, Jeff and Bill brought in new apprentices to the craft. As they mentored each new employee, they built the company’s culture around their shared values and work ethic. And they ensured that the entire team continually strived to do each project the right way every time. Each job needed to be perfect. No shortcuts.


In 2016, Jeff and Bill established a mobile showroom in Nashville, Tennessee, which enhanced their ability to create personalized wood floor projects for customers in need. And they grew their reputation for blending integrity with creativity without sacrificing either.


“Everything we do is customized and specialized,” Bill said. “We truly do take so much pride in striving for perfection with every single project.”


The team expanded their reputation as experts in the specialized trade, and customers began asking the Mansion Hill Custom Floors team to conduct projects away from their typical market areas, pulling them into high-end projects throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, and West Virginia. Their team worked on high-end custom homes, renovated ballrooms, up-and-coming businesses, and everything in between. And the company continued to flourish.


Then, in 2022, Jeff succumbed to the cancer he had battled against courageously. Though Jeff has passed away, his values and ideals live on through the spirit of creativity and commitment to integrity that fuel the company’s culture. Each member of the team embodies the company’s original vision, and it is this commitment that continues to propel the company forward.


With their dedication to integrity and craftsmanship, Mansion Hill Custom Floors has fostered connections within the communities they serve and the industry they lead, bringing them together with other like-minded people who care about quality.


“Our customers are why we’re here today and continue to thrive,” Bill said. “Homeowners come back to us for home renovations and when they move into new houses. They share our contact information with their friends. We’re grateful to homeowners as well as the builders, architects, and designers who rely on us for both their residential and commercial projects.”


And that attitude has never wavered. As the company moves forward, the legacy of integrity lives on through the culture and values that Bill and Jeff established in the company’s foundation. With unwavering dedication to each customer’s needs, Mansion Hill Custom Floors continues to grow while remaining true to its roots. Surrounded by an experienced team who shares the company’s values and vision, Mansion Hill Custom Floors continues to push forward as a trusted source for quality and craftsmanship.

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